SplitRock Guitars

Joe Barden and Railhammer guitar and bass pickups, parts

Guitar Model
Body Wood
Fingerboard Wood
Neck Profile & Thickness @ the 1st and 12th Fret
Strap Buttons
U.S. customers please select "SplitRock T.4.1" (or T.4.2). International customers please select "International Order T.4.1" or (T.4.2).

Current lead-time for custom guitar production is 3 to 4 months. Please contact us before ordering if you have additional requirements or would like certain custom specifications.
Model Name SplitRock T.4.1 (with bridge pickup only)
SplitRock T.4.2 (not shown, with bridge & neck pickups)
Body Select 2pc Black or White (not shown) Korina
(Limba, Terminalia superba)
Custom T-style
Finish Nitrocellulose Lacquer (Nitro):
Clear Gloss on the Body
Clear Satin on the Headstock and Back of the Neck
Pickups TV Jones in Gretsch Filtertron style mount:
TV Classic on T.4.1
TV Classic (neck position) & TV Classic Plus (bridge position) on T.4.2
Bridge TV Savalas Telecaster Bridge with 6 fully adjustable Chrome-plated brass saddles with steel screws and springs
Neck Custom Neck with Big Headstock and Semi Rolled Finger Board Edges
Standard Fender 25.5 scale
Neck Wood: South American Mahogany
Fingerboard: you choose Ebony or Rosewood
Number of Frets: 22
Finger Board Radius: 9.5
Finger Board Inlay: Real Clay, Aged Color
Frets: Medium Jumbo .104 Wide X .047 Tall
Nut Width: 1-11/16
Truss Rod: Dual Acting Adjust at Head
Neck Profile: you choose out of 3 options during checkout
Tuners Sperzel Locking Machine Heads (Nickel)
Nut Graph Tech (Teflon impregnated ) or Earvana Compensated depending on particular instrument intonation
Controls & Electronics 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3-way p/up selector on T.4.2
500K CTS Potentiometers; Polyester Orange Drop Capacitors, Treble bleed cap with parallel 150K resistor, Vintage Cloth Covered Stranded Wire, Low Noise Shielded Wire for output,
Switchcraft 1/4'' Output Jack w/ Electrosocket Jack Mount, Control cavitiy shielded with 4 coats of Conductive Shielding Paint
Control Cavity Type: Rear LG Kidney
Control Knobs Gretsch with G-Arrow
String Retainers Graph Tech (made of aerospace polymer (Boron PolyTrinate), when needed
Strap buttons You choose: Gretsch "locking" Strap Knobs with Hanger Bolt or Schaller Strap Locks

Made in the USA

::   contact split rock guitars: contact@splitrockguitars.com   ::

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